Strategy, Corporate Culture and Performance

In consulting our customers, we use our systemic approach to consulting and include the market- and industry-specific, organisational and cultural conditions in their entirety into the consultation process with every project and every customer. Thus we are able to create custom-tailored solutions for every company, although we naturally also rely on our experience and our differentiated knowledge of various industry sectors.

Our services can be deployed easily for any type of organisation in any business area. During deployment, our highly skilled consultants assist users in creating the most efficient system possible with reference to the specific characteristics of the organisation. The system can then be managed independently, with low expenses.

ATG-CNT consults organisations at the following frequently arising issues:

  • Strategy
  • Management Development
  • Performance
  • Advice on the development of organisation-, culture-, and position-specific application profiles
  • Development of policies and overall process architectures for the use of potential assessment in organisations
  • Implementation consulting
  • New demands on talent management due to changing market or industry conditions
  • Use of potential assessment in the context of recruitment marketing
  • Evaluation of personnel development activities


Constance Kachcharov, Partner