Leadership and Management Competences

The success of changes within the organisation or affecting the organisation is highly dependent on the skills, attitude and commitment of the leaders and managers of the organisation. Changes often result in a new management environment and new expectations from managers which they cannot or only partly meet.

Captain Management Auditfacilitates the preparation for changes, and enables companies to determine whether the tested leaders in the organisation are suitable for the predicted new conditions after a change, or the individual managerial tasks in their positions as regards professional knowledge, personal features, abilities and leadership competences.

Captain Management Audit is based on an internationally proven methodology, and usually contains the following tools and tests.

Based on these, we always configure a unique solution dependent on the customers needs and the situation. If required, we can support our customers' decisions with benchmark figures from our domestic and international experience.
Based on the objective results from Captain Management Audit, a recommendation can be made regarding the tested person's capability of realizing the goals and completing the tasks, which enables executives to make this important decision for the organisation. In addition, if required, the tool can offer a recommendation on the areas to improve for higher efficiency. The output can also be a development program (training courses, executive coaching).