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CAPTain Online: As part of the competency test, different methods can be used to study the personality.Traditional methods, such as interviews, graphological and psychological tests, assessment centers (AC), etc. are time consuming, require mediators and do not necessarily provide the appropriate information for right personnel decisions in the world of work.
A modern, objective, cost-effective tool for selection and personnel development is CAPTain Online.

Motivation - FBBM:This questionnaire on vocational motivation measures personal motivation foci by means of 14 basic career motives and provides information about vocational decision-making and work priorities of individuals. In this, professional motivation has to be regarded as the second decisive parameter after performance potential, completing results about career potential. The use of FBBM is essential when issues about to career path, career decisions and personnel development measures arise.

BILTain International Language Test: Here you can testthe level of English as native or foreign language and check your skills in German,and Russian with our tests.

Knowledgeand Skills BRAINTain Online: Find out what you or your emploeesreally know about Finance, Marketing, HR orManagement,(BRAINTain Numeracy,BRAINTain Analytic, BRAINTain Management,BRAINTain Marketing,BRAINTain Finance, BRAINTain HR)

Cross-Cultural-Test ICBQ The Inter-Cultural Balance Questionnaire measures success relevant behaviour in intercultural contexts by means of three key personality factors and is used for all personnel questions in the context of the internationalization of organisations..

Universal Test System: Create questionnaires quickly and easily, conduct online surveys at a low price,fnalyze survey results already during the survey, direct data exchange with Excel and SPSS

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